Parts for Tank Lorries and Vacuum Lorries its establishment in 1974, Jungwoo Industry has produced parts used for tank lorries and vacuum lorries. Its excellent performance and quality have been recognized. It has expanded its business sector into manufacturing special purpose vehicles such as tank lorries based on parts business. Since 1998, it has registered as a part vendor in Hyundai Motors, KIA Motors and Tata Daewoo commercial vehicles.
The company has endlessly strived to contribute to customer satisfaction and social development over the past 30 years. As a result, it is taking the lead in the tank lorry manufacturing industry. However, the company will no longer simply be satisfied with a domestic reputation. It will develop new markets and technologies to play a key role in the global market and all of its staff will strive to create value for customers. In particular, it will be with customers through enhancement of global competitiveness, creative product development, complete quality control and exhaustive service.


Tank Truck, Refueler and Water Cannon

For tank trucks, the company ensures semi-permanent durability based on its design, specification and quality according to characteristics of various types of liquid (water, fuel, chemical, etc.) It also ensures stable driving and life extension by applying shock-absorbing tank and low floor design. High-quality tank lorries are produced on the basis of stable and automated optimum design and perfect quality control.An aircraft refueler is a vehicle that is equipped with aviation gasoline loading tank and fueling system in order to supply jet fuel directly to aircraft. It is separated for civilian and military aircraft and helicopters. The company meets all relevant laws, enhances efficiency by optimum lubrication system, and protects safety of users by various safety and convenient devices.
A water cannon to control rally protests has an auxiliary engine to spray water when moving, including two automatic tarpaulins capable of homing mounted respectively to the front of cap and the rear of bumper, and bulletproof car body and glass for the safety of passengers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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