Korean Brands Battery & Lubricant

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryBrandlines Inc. was founded to supply Kumho Tire and AtlasBx Battery to the Russian Far-East market. Since its founding, it has grown to provide Kumho Tire, Nexen Tire, AtlasBx Battery, Speedmate Battery and SK ZIC oil throughout Russia and to other overseas markets. Its goal is to satisfy the evolving needs of its customers by providing unparalleled service and superior products to them.
The company offers reliable, efficient and competitive tire distribution with over 10 years of combined experience in the automotive and tire industry. It wishes to continue enjoying close relationships with its customers and suppliers that it had in the past and to work together to further create valuable business.


ATLAX BX Battery

ATLAS BX is a specialized enterprise producing SLI batteries, AGM batteries and VRLA industrial batteries.
The strong points of ATLAS BX’s maintenancefree batteries are minimized self-discharge and maximized heat resistance by adapting a special calcium-alloy and an X-FRAME.
Whether it is for an entry-level vehicle or a high-end performance car, ATLAS BX batteries provide reliable starting power that goes all the way through to the end of your journey.
You can trust ATLAS BX HPB Battery for everyday driving activities with its extra power and durability. It provides the right power support you can rely on, even in harsh conditions.
ATLAS BX SMF Battery is the ideal choice for standard vehicles with usual power demands. It is maintenance-free and it provides reliable power support for all applications. ATLAS BX offers a complete range of SMF Batteries for all European, Asian and American vehicles.


Every drop with genuine technology SK ZIC

SK Lubricants, a fully owned subsidiary of SK Innovation, is the leading producer, distributor and marketer of premium base oil, lubricating oils across the globe. The company headquartered in South Korea, exports products to over 60 countries. ZIC was the first to commercialize API Group III base stock in the world in 1995. That same year, SK’s brand name finished lubricants were launched in the South Korean domestic market. Since then, ZIC have expanded ZIC’s distribution networks to supply high-quality base oils and lubricants to ZIC’s global customers.
SK Lubricants produces base oil under the brand name “YUBASE” that is No. 1 globally in the premium base oil market. High-quality ZIC lubricants formulated with YUBASE are used as factory fill in vehicles produced by global manufacturers.
SK ZIC Lubricants provides PCMO, PCDO, MCO, HDDO, Industrial oil, Hydraulic oil, Grease, etc.

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