Transmission Parts and Hub Bearing Parts in 1999, Hanho Industrial Co., Ltd. is an automobile parts manufacturing company with factories based in Korea and China. It is manufacturing transmission parts and hub bearing parts and exporting them to the USA, China and Europe. It has specialized technologies such as hot/cold forging, processing and special heat treatment, and reduces costs through development of new technologies.
The company has overseas branches currently in Michigan, USA, and Frankfurt, Germany, to establish corporations and employ warehouses with focus on overseas sales, discovery of new companies and customer management. Through BIQS of GM, VDA 6.3 and SQ of Europe, the company strives constantly for customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products through excellent processing management. In the future, it will move forward continuously to secure more than 20% of market share in the global automobile parts industry by acquiring additional overseas sale points.


Park Gear, Ring Gear and Monoblock Gear

Park gear is the product that the company puts most effort into. By acquiring TASL from GM Global, it provides park gear to various clients through cold forging and hobbing processes.
Ring gear is produced by the company’s ring roll method which is the exclusive technology of Hanho. It is now delivered to clients in Korea as well as abroad.
Monoblock gear is manufactured with application of near net shape forging, which is one of the specialty technologies that the company possesses. It is a technology that completes the net shape of the product through a cold forging process. Through this technology, the company was designated as Korea’s root technology specialty company, the No. 2 in Korea, in 2013. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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