CNC Automatic Lathe Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (DSHT), is an auto lathe maker with 70 years of tradition. It is a fully exportoriented company which manufactures high precision Swiss Turn Type CNC, Tapping center, Gear Hobing Machines and machine parts applied to various industrial machineries including machine tools, and semiconductor-related machines.
DSHT took over NOMURA VTC of Japan. It has technical center and local subsidiary in Japan, joint corporation in China, and another local subsidiary in Vietnam. With global business network in 25 countries, DSHT has generated 75% of sales from exporting to Japan, US, and EU.



With 70 year’s tradition of high quality, NOMURA CNC automatic latheshas strong advantages are extremely rigid
with dovetail structure. This structure is contacted with the surfaces of both sides, so rigidity is enhanced. NOUMRA is highly accurate by 200 years of craftmenship’s scraping.It is one of the secrets behind the unparalleled longevity, durability andweight tool post can be glided smoothly.Minimized machine vibration by integrated casting bed. vibration is absorbed and minimize the machining tolerance affected by the temperature change of cutting oil with a coolant tank located in the casting bed.
Other features of NOMURA machines include the adoption of the latest NC, wide machining diameter and the largest and efficient tool layout composition.

As for the ZEROIN Tapping Center, it features the reduced setting time,a high-speed transfer system, and various enhanced machining performance by using two innovative tables features. A high-precision position with stable portal structure, ceramic bearing and optimized pre-load setting in the main spindle. In addition,The Hydraulic/Pneumatic PT line is a standard option to use Jig & Fixture without an extra line. Curvic coupling method enables stable and high precision rotation with high-speed APC function. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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