Electric Forklift

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1712M04] Myoungshin Industry’s electric forklift is designed to be used easily by anyone. It has a structure of a short turning radius that makes working in a small space easy.
It is designed ergonomically so it can start, ascend and descend smoothly.
It stops immediately when operating the abdomen safety switch. It also has a controller detecting all safety. It uses two 12V batteries. The charger is designed as the latest micro-processor so there is no risk of overcharge and over-discharge or explosion. The input voltage is free voltage of 110-220V so it can be charged in every outlet.
All of Myoung Shin’s binding machines are manufactured with perfect computer designs and special processing equipment, so its machines will be the ones most recognized at job sites with superior precision, convenience and safety.

Existing gathering machines were made to control thickness for each comer and even after controlling it was imperfect due to fall offs and extracts of two sheets etc. But the complete auto-recognizing system that Myoung Shin developed this time is made for the convenience which just adds the correct-sized binding materials to a binding board. After turning on the operation switch, it gathers materials automatically. With continuous investments and R&D, Myoung Shin succeeded in developing a mid-sized electric forklift for rooms and that will upgrade qualities to present to the public.

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