Rotary-type Total Heat Exchange Ventilation System[INQ. NO. 1712M05] SHERPA CNC’s rotary-type heat-exchange ventilation system AIRCLE, fundamentally blocks condensation with a method of exchanging heat by separating air supply and exhaust by applying rotary-type total heat-exchange elements developed solely with domestic technology.
It is even better than ventilating by opening windows as it adopts the 1:1 air supply and exhaust system that supplies air after forcibly discharging indoor air pollutants and filtering fine dust in outside fresh air. It basically filters air when fresh air enters from outside. It also removes various bacteria and viruses using the ion cluster module, before supplying the air indoors.
When opening windows to ventilate, the cooled/heated indoor air leaks to the outside, so energy is wasted. This product, using the high-tech energy heat-storage element, stores the energy of the indoor air, which is wasted while ventilating, for a while and delivers that energy to fresh outside air to be supplied indoors. In this way, more than 90% of heat energy of indoor air is returned. It blocks ultra-fine particles and removes bacterial using the multi-step high performance air purification system. It is easy to operate and very quiet. Its filter is easy to replace.
Sherpa CNC, established in 2006, is a company specialized in eco-friendly ventilation systems. Sherpa CNC is playing an innovative role in the growth and development of the domestic and overseas ventilation market by developing, manufacturing and selling heat exchangers, the core and main components of ventilation systems, based on its know-how and patent technology accumulated over 10 years. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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