Grinding Machine Equipment have been successfully developing and supplying a great diversity of machines of high-efficiency, precision and quality ranging from grinding machines, to peripheral equipment and automation related process equipment.
HUTECHs have been expanding the business from providing individual machines to turn-key projects to global markets proactively and always pay great attention to its customers and the market to meet their needs. In its business competition, it is its vision to grow into the market as a reliable and trusted partner by achieving highest customer satisfaction.
HUTECHs strives to heighten its product, quality and services by continually advancing its technical process and will promise to fulfill clients across the globe. The company is globally technology oriented with customer satisfaction as their first priority.
Providing for tomorrow to create a better and more affluent society, the company serves customers with the highest quality products.


CNC Grinder

The 5-axis grinding machine is designed for the production of high performance end-mills. Double spindles (upper & lower) increase the flexibility of wheels and productivity. Various grinding jobs can be handled by only updating the program. Linear scales for X,Y,Z-axis increase the accuracy. Auto loading & unloading system (Robot) increase the productivity considerably. High rigidity and chucking accuracy is achieved, along with I/O interface with auto-loader.
The tap thread grinding machine is specialized purposed grinding for thread process of tap. Synchronized with 3-axes control (X, Y, C axis). Wheel dressing equipment saves the process cycle time, extends the wheel’s life, lowers defect rate and raise the productivity. Its compact design provides high space efficiency. With high precision and rigidity, the auto-center at the work head ensures stable support for the workpiece. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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