Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industry


Double Block & Bleed Valve(DBB)

LB&PCK’s double block & bleed valves are available in an extensive range of designs, material sizes and pressure classes, and are in full conformance with ASME API, and NACE specifications.
LB&PCK uses only high-quality materials inspected & tested to international standards and utilizes advanced manufacturing technology with special emphasis on safety, quality, and long service life of its products, to ensure that its clients receive the “best in class” products available at competitive prices and delivered on time.
The forging material can ensure the best rigidity and strength under maximum rated operation pressure without inherent flaws in the cast. Other properties found in forging include greater impact resistance, resistance to fatigue cracking, particularly when cycling at either high or cryogenic temperature. Over designed wall thickness and adaptation of high strength tie bolts are convenient for valve maintenance and sufficient to bear the stress of the pipe.
The internal parts of the valve are carefully designed and selected to ensure reliability under all kinds of work conditions. Since a variety of materials are available, the company’s valves can be used with various fluids and gases including petroleum based oils and some water glycols.


Control Valve

LB&PCK’s control cast steel glove valves are designed and manufactured to provide maximum service life and dependability. All globe valves meet the design requirements of American Petroleum Institute Standard API 602, BS 1873, BS EN 13709 and generally conform to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard ASME B16.34. Valves are available in a complete range of body/bonnet materials and trims. Standard body/bonnet materials include nine grades of carbon, low alloy and stainless steels. For special applications, they can be supplied in other grades of alloy and stainless steel. There is a full range of trim materials available to match any service. Optional packing and gasket materials are available for a full range of service conditions.
LB&PCK has been involved in piping material supply for the field of oil & gas, petrochemicals, power plants, water treatment and the mining industry over two decades.

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