Cold Rolled Steel Resources Co., Ltd., is a Korean based international trading company, which has been incorporated for about 20 years and much experience in iron and steel products and as marketing agent of related machinery & engineering services. The company’s iran and steel products include:

– Steel Sheet & Coils, Galvanized, Pre-painted, Tin Plate
– Steel Pipes, Tube, Steel Bars, Angles, Channels, Rails
– C.H.Q. Wires, Bearing Steel Wires, Ropes, Cables

The company’s corporate philosophy is to do the very best for the clients with sincerity, and to improve both the quality of business and life. Hanmi Resources will do everything possible to ensure the success of your business, so that we can continue to work together for an extensive time.



JIS G 3311 (Carbon, Alloy, Tool Steel)
ASTM A 109, ASTM A 366, ASTM A 619, ASTM A 620,
BS 1449/1, BSEN 10130-91, BSEN 10131-92
DIN 1624-87, DIN 1623/2-86
ISO 3474-86 (CR 1/2/3/4), ISO 5954-84(CRH 50/60/70)
Australia/N.Z. AS1595 NZCC NZCE, CA-2SE/CA55NE

– Commercial quality is used for simple bending, forming or drawing, and has a wide range of uses for automotive, home appliances, building and civil works and base metals for various kinds of pre-painted steel products.
– Drawing quality is used for better than the commercial quality, it’s high formability is used for automotive panels, audio-visual equipment and other heating apparatuses.
– Deep drawing quality is used for the parts of complicated and severe forming products, mainly for the automotive front panels and rear fenders. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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