Pharmaceutical Packaging System[INQ. NO. 1805M01] COUNTEC, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is growing as a global enterprise supplying various pharmaceutical packaging systems integrated with advanced technologies based on its proprietary technology development to both domestic and overseas markets.


VICOB (All-In-One System, Visual Inspection & Counting & Bottling)

The existing bottle packaging process is vulnerable to risks of contamination, damage and undesired introduction of foreign substances until just before bottling. As VICOB, using both a camera and a sensor, inspects and counts the product by video whether it is normal or not until just before bottling, only defect-free products are bottled. You can inspect, count and bottle all kinds of drugs, such as general tablets, multiple tablets, capsules, soft gels, etc., with this one piece of equipment.


Automatic Counter

This is a device for counting tablets, capsules, etc. with an electronically controlled automatic system. Tablets supplied to the hopper are transferred to the sensor part and the shutter part through multiple vibrator trays, counted accurately, and put into the container. In order to enhance the accuracy of counting, up-to-date technological functions are applied, such as the shutter time checking, dark & light timing, vibrator self-adjusting, speed vibration, etc. Especially, as the funnel goes into the container while moving up and down, tablets do not fall out of the bottle and are easily counted through the function of the funnel vibrator.


COVISS (Vision Inspection System)

COVISS can detect in advance tablets and capsules of colors, sizes and appearances different from those designated, broken tablets, foreign substances, etc. on the track in the process of filling such tablets and capsules into bottles. You can either stop the filling process and eliminate such abnormal items directly or reject them automatically. This is a creative system that the worker can operate conveniently as the product is set easily and quickly through the auto teaching system. While the existing version of other company’s equipment uses a bulky and complicated exterior system by putting it on the counting machine and has to install a separate control system, the vision inspection system has a creative and simple design and has an optimal form not requiring any separate control system. This system has been self-developed in the modular form after a long testing time based on the experience of COUNTEC’s experience in counter development, and it is an innovative technology that can be installed in the company’s existing counters.


Inspect Seal (Induction Sealing Failure Reject System)

This is a system that checks the container sealed in an induction sealing machine with a thermo-graphic camera when it enters the inspection machine and rejects it in case of failure. It is ground-breaking technology enabling you to check the sealing status inside the cover, which is impossible to check with the naked eye. As the data inspected with the thermographic camera is displayed on the monitor in real time, you can quickly and easily monitor the sealing status. Inspect Seal is easily and conveniently linked to the existing line and does not affect the production speed. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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