Liquid Filling and Packaging System[INQ. NO. 1805M02] Pack Cheon Machinery Co.,Ltd.(packon) is a global manufacturer specialized in rotary net weight filling and packaging solutions based in South Korea since 1988 with its ambition to ensure customer satisfaction and reliable partnerships in lubricants, chemicals, household, cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industry.
Over the past 30 years, packon has been recognized for its tremendous turn-key projects worldwide with its extensive products range from bottle unscrambler, bottle cleaner, orienter, inline/rotary net weight filler and capper, various inspection equipment, labeler, case packer, up to palletizing solutions for each customized performance standard and requirements.


Rotary Net Weight Filler (RWF series)

Liquid filled in big production lots can lose heat as time passes. In colder conditions or with uncontrolled filling equipment, large volume deviation can result in loss of product and higher costs. The answer to this problem is net weight filling.
Packon RWF series are rotary filler models that use the net weight filling principle. Every filling station has a weighing plate over an electronic load cell. This is connected to an independent controller linked to the main processor designed by packon to achieve high filling accuracy of +/-0.1%.
This filler is equipped with an industrial computer and a color touch screen. The user-friendly interface with illustrated operational keys and simple selection from pre-set parameters make it possible to set up production item and use the machine conveniently. Easy connection to supervision system, you can see the actual operation status through the office computer. The series can display the filling graph in real time, and supports self-detection of false filling with warning signal and auto rejection, auto evaluation of filling weight with target weights and correction for following cycle. Also, production data is available with spreadsheet, such as the final filling weight, Min. & Max, Standard deviation, sigma value and others.


Rotary Pump Capper (RPC series)

This RPC series is specially developed for a dosing and trigger pump cap with dip tube as a multi-purpose capper using the planetary driven roller capping head. Screw-on caps & snap-on caps are also available by option. A magnetic clutch is practically applied for capping torque adjusters. Automatic height adjustment with pre-set data is possible by selecting HMI. It is easy to use with the help of the HMI control panel. High reliability of inserting is enhanced accurately by adopting the special dip tube guide.
The system is being recognized with more safety features; No-bottle Nocapping function, Timing screw jamming detection device with warning & machine stop function, torque limiter for inner & outer star-wheel with warning & machine stop function, and Warning function for compressed air pressure drop, cap shortage, height adjustment limit. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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