Ultra-fast Chargers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1805M21] One of the most outstanding electric vehicle charging devices introduced recently by Daeyoung Chaevi is the 400kW high-speed charging device. In addition to a single charge function, it is capable of distributed charging to secure the effectiveness by allowing charging of many vehicles at once.
In addition to the ultra-fast, high-capacity charger (400kW), Daeyoung Chaevi has introduced diverse equipment including a 7kW standard charger and a 50kW fast charger, which are already on the market, as well as 100kW and 200kW fast chargers.
Apart from the availability of high-capacity and fast charging, the apparent improvement in the designs and the interfaces has added a lot of aesthetic charm as well, while a high-resolution touch screen is applied to enhance the product’s use and satisfaction. In addition, Daeyoung Chaevi recently unveiled the concept of the Smart Moving Charger presenting a unique charger. Installed at the top of the space, it can be charged within the range where the smart moving charger can be located without any limit of space for a charge. This allows charging even in a space outside the designated charging position for an electric car, and further enables one to cope more effectively with problems such as parking.
An official of Daeyoung Chaevi confidently explained, “With the increasing demand for fast chargers in the market, we are fully prepared to provide a variety of chargers ranging from 100kW to 400kW, and can effectively cope with the demand for fast chargers for the new electric cars to be developed in the future.”

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