Hankook Tire launches ‘Kinergy AS EV,’ a Tire Exclusively for Electric Cars

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810M08] Hankook Tire has recently launched Kinergy AS EV, a secondgeneration tire exclusively optimized for electric cars by improving low noise and driving capacity.
Electric cars have the features of no engine noise, a car body heavier by 10~20%, and high initial acceleration force compared with the internal combustion engine car.
Thus, in order to realize the best performance, the electric car absolutely requires an exclusive tire considering its characteristics. In case of the first-generation tire exclusively for electric cars, reduction of rotation resistance and abrasion resistance technologies were prioritized and, as a result, fuel efficiency and durability were improved. However, it failed to realize highspeed driving and riding quality, which are core performance requirements for operating an automobile.
Kinergy AS EV, launched after addressing such defects, has the features of not only realizing the ultra-low noise environment optimized for the electric car but also providing comfortable riding quality of the super-capacity car tire level, the best driving performance, and steering stability.
As the electric car has no engine noise, it is inevitable that the friction noise between the road surface and the tire becomes more noticeable. In order to realize a super-low-noise driving environment, Kinergy AS EV has maximized quietness by reducing the noise generated between the tire and the road surface and restrained the noise of specific frequency occurring at the time of driving through optimal pitch sequences, thereby applying various noise reduction technologies.
In particular, in order to realize the best driving quality, Hankook Tire minimized the deformation of tread blocks even during high-speed driving by selecting the Aramid hybrid reinforcement belt, which is the best material that can be applied to the tire and the high-load reinforcing structure exclusively for electric cars. As a result, Hankook Tire has provided elaborate handling performance and drastically improved steering stability by maintaining optimal grounding configuration.
In addition, Hankook Tire has improved the performance even on wet roads by applying a compound including resin extracted from needle leaf trees and vegetable oil and enhanced the driving stability by securing fast and agile handling and braking in all driving environments such as snow, rain, etc. At the same time, it restrained the tire slip phenomenon and minimized the wearing degree of tread directly contacting the ground in order to deliver the high output of the electric motor and strong initial acceleration to the road without loss.
A spokesperson for Hankook Tire remarked, “We plan to provide driving satisfaction as well as the best driving environment for motorists who prefer to drive electric cars based on our technological prowess and quality competitiveness leading the tire industry through launch of the second-generation, ultra-high performance tire exclusively for electric cars and integrating global technologies.”

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Emerging as the New Leader in Korea’s Electric Car Market

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1805M25] Semisysco is a semiconductor and display equipment manufacturer that was established in 2000 with three founders. It produces related equipment such as plasma diagnostic equipment, glass substrate inspection equipment, and flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) inspection equipment. This equipment is supplied to major Korean IT companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Display, and SK Hynix as well as exported to countries including the UK, the USA, and France.
Semisysco started its electric car business last year and established an electric car factory in Sejong City for the first time in Korea in May last year. The city has been selected for being the multifunctional administrative city accommodating the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MoLIT), the Ministry of Environment (ME), and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). Sejong City also has the highest population inflow of all cities in the country, and is close to many areas, while being an emerging city.
Semisysco’s lineup includes D2, a two-passenger compact car, U4, a four-wheeled micro freight car, and R3, a three-wheeled vehicle. The D2 travels up to 150km, the highest mileage on a single charge among the micro compact EVs available in Korea. It is equipped with an air conditioner and heater to suit the climate of Korea and has acquired L7, the European safety certification for microcompact cars. The R3 and U4 have the same vehicle structure and dynamics as a regular automobile and have an advantage of 25 to 30% uphill gradability.
Although it is not possible to disclose specific figures for pre-orders for the D2 received last year, the number of orders and the actual purchase rate are positive. The R3 and U4 are also aiming to launch in May and June this year, respectively.
Semisysco focuses on micro-compact models. The reason is that the micro car is a suitable model for the Korean environment and can also avoid competition with other big auto manufacturers. The advantages of a micro car include smallness in size, affordability, and free from the shortage of EV-charging infrastructure.
Since releasing the D2 in February, Semisysco started to yield profits in the electric car business. Currently, the model is manufactured by Zhi Dou (ZD), an electric car manufacturer in China. However, Semisysco plans to shift it to “Made in Korea” in the near future. The company has had this vision since it entered the electric car business. Semisysco expects its break-even point at about 200 units per year as of now.

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Ultra-fast Chargers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1805M21] One of the most outstanding electric vehicle charging devices introduced recently by Daeyoung Chaevi is the 400kW high-speed charging device. In addition to a single charge function, it is capable of distributed charging to secure the effectiveness by allowing charging of many vehicles at once.
In addition to the ultra-fast, high-capacity charger (400kW), Daeyoung Chaevi has introduced diverse equipment including a 7kW standard charger and a 50kW fast charger, which are already on the market, as well as 100kW and 200kW fast chargers.
Apart from the availability of high-capacity and fast charging, the apparent improvement in the designs and the interfaces has added a lot of aesthetic charm as well, while a high-resolution touch screen is applied to enhance the product’s use and satisfaction. In addition, Daeyoung Chaevi recently unveiled the concept of the Smart Moving Charger presenting a unique charger. Installed at the top of the space, it can be charged within the range where the smart moving charger can be located without any limit of space for a charge. This allows charging even in a space outside the designated charging position for an electric car, and further enables one to cope more effectively with problems such as parking.
An official of Daeyoung Chaevi confidently explained, “With the increasing demand for fast chargers in the market, we are fully prepared to provide a variety of chargers ranging from 100kW to 400kW, and can effectively cope with the demand for fast chargers for the new electric cars to be developed in the future.”

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EV Relay

EV Relayhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry
[INQ. NO. 1311C16] EV Relay is a power switching relay using high voltage (DC450V) for recharging an electric car or battery pack. As the electric contact works in gas atmosphere, the EV Relay has a constant contact resistance and contact reliability all the time. With low noise, compact design and lower energy consumption, it is one of the best electric vehicle relays that will allow your DC system to work safely.

Series: EVR30 (30A), 50(50A), 100 (125A), 400(400A), 600(600A), 350A (Latch Type)

YM-Tech Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturers focusing on developing and producing special relays needed for everyday life and industrial fields such as Power Relay, Latch Relay, Latch Contactor Relay, DC Contactor Relay, EV Relay, etc.

Under the corporate philosophy of “technology development with venture spirit and quality management for maximizing customer satisfaction, all of staff members of YM Tech is further striving to provide to quality products energy saving devices to customers on time.

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