Hydraulic Driving System

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1805M15] SF Hy World is a company that has specialized in manufacturing hydraulic driving system for excavators since 2009 producing hydraulic pumps and swing devices. It entered the Chinese market based on its technology and know-how even amidst the deteriorating construction industry and global economic slowdown that has been continuing since 2011, and is competing with advanced manufacturers.
SF Hy World established an affiliated research center in 2010 with the intention of strengthening its technological capabilities, invested heavily in R&D, and is developing hydraulic devices for largesize equipment in addition to its smallsized equipment range.
Major products of SF Hy World can be divided into three major categories. The first hydraulic devices for excavators currently under development and production are main pumps used for 5- to 8-ton excavators, and the swing devices used for 5 to 8-ton excavators. Unlike most existing products of many other Korea companies, SF Hy World undertakes performance tuning on products via consultation to suit the customer’s excavators, so that the equipment can be operated in optimum condition.
The second hydraulic devices for excavators include main pumps currently used for the entire model of excavators and rotary parts that are the key elements for motors. The company develops rotary parts for customers and buyers including premium quality brands such as Kawasaki, Komatsh, and Hitach to replace parts and provides products at prices that are close to half of the existing prices, allowing customers to gain a competitive edge.

Thirdly as Power take-off ( PTO ), a reducer has been successfully developed to enable the use of an external working device by utilizing the output of a vehicle. It is currently provided to OEM customers.
Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this SME has been producing hydraulic equipment including main pumps for mobile use and continuing to export overseas including China, based on strict quality control, accumulated technological expertise.

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