Processing Equipment and Automation Systems[INQ. NO. 1805M14] Over the past 35 years, DCM Corp. has been developing various kinds of mechanical equipment and automation systems to polish the surface of metals and nonferrous metals, as well as continuously providing excellent service to its customers.
As a result, the company has grown to be one of the best companies in the barrel market and currently has numerous customers and agents worldwide including the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan, and China. It currently exports more than US$ 2 million worth of products annually.
DCM produces exclusive products by using its long-accumulated expertise and technical know-how and has acquired various registered trademarks and certifications such as CE and ISO. DCM continues to strive for ensuring better quality and services to its customers and providing the best quality and prices.


Centrifugal Finishing Machine

The high-speed barrel machine is driven by centrifugal force. Four hexagonal barrels are attached to the rotary plate and the barrel are rotated in the opposite direction when the turret rotates at high RPM in one direction. Closed barrels containing parts, media, water and compounds are fixed to a turret and these all together create an extremely powerful tumbling action by centrifugal force.


Vibratory Finishing Machine

This equipment is driven by a power vibratory motor cause 3D vibration inside the tub. The power vibration makes vertical and horizontal torque among workpieces and media and it results in finishing the external surface of workpieces.

Centrifugal Disc Machine

The centrifugal disc machine uses a concave disc positioned at the bottom of a round work chamber to create powerful vortex action. When a concave disc rotates by the centrifugal force, the disc forces the parts and media mass outward and upward where it encounters the side fixed-walls of the chamber. The side fixed-walls work as a brake causing the media mass to tumble back down inward. The result is a powerful sliding and breakdowns caused by stuck parts and media in the gap between the side walls and the disc. Our centrifugal disc machine however have overcome the limitations and reduced breakdowns. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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