High Frequency Charger

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1807M03] CHARBES is a high frequency charger from Dongeun Charger that is light, noise-free, and small for easy handling.
The CHARBES has energy efficiency of 90% and can save electricity cost in charging acid battery anywhere and everywhere.
The CHARBES can be carried onboard, mounted on or installed in forklifts or transport machine, over the spatial limits. The fast charging CHARBES (3~10hrs, or 5~11 hrs) can even charge batteries in case of blackouts, or by transformer if the main power voltage isn’t 220V. The charger can double cycle of batteries, and completely deoxidize sulfate formed during the charging process to maintain performance and extended life.
Dongeun Charger is specialist in the development, manufacture, and distribution of high frequency chargers, striving in precise analysis on chargers and batteries from other companies, to solve the problems of the existing products and create new technologies for next generation chargers. CHARBES has a vision of providing the most efficient and easy-to-use chargers to the world while keeping the environment safe.


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