Automotive Halogen Bulb, established in 1993, is a manufacturer specialized in production of automotive halogen bulbs. Produced bulbs are the headlamp and fog lights for vehicles and the products are exported worldwide and the OEM products are also delivered to Hyundai Kia Motors.
Since 2009, BIOLIGHT has been delivering various OEM products to Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation and Ssangyong Motor Company. The company understands that Hyundai-Kia Motors has also acknowledged the quality-level and mass-production ability of the Korean bio-light bulb. In addition, GM Korea Company has utilized its products since 2017.
In addition, it is delivering its products to after-service markets throughout the world including Europe, Asia and Middle East. For example, it has been delivering the products to Bosch since 2009, to Hella since 2015 and to Pia from 2016. In addition, it has been doing business with many global customers based on their belief in the quality of its products.
The entire production & assembly lines are controlled automatically with its own technology, and defective products are also automatically selected by vision. The company also possesses the vibration and shock test equipment required by the OEM customers additionally as well as geometry, photometry, life test equipment and temperature measurement equipment, thereby strictly checking the bulb quality against the damage that may occur when the bulb is mounted on the vehicle.
As a result, based on the ISO/TS certifications that auto parts factories should have, the company possess E-marks on all items for light bulbs. Particularly, it possess E1 issued by Germany. The company also has DOT grade together with additional certifications acquired in India, Taiwan and Brazil for major light bulbs. BIOLIGHT welcomes all inquiries as it produces and deal with all kinds of halogen bulbs. BIOLIGHT can supply bio-light products of the OEM quality level stably at competitive prices. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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