Passenger Ship Engines[INQ. NO. 1810M01] Hyundai Heavy Industries has successfully entered the passenger ship engine market for the first time in Korea. Hyundai Heavy Industries recently announced that it had supplied two HiMSEN engines for ship propulsion of 16,000 horsepower (Model No.: H46/60V) to the 33,000 gross tonnage RO-PAX ferry (passenger-cum-cargo ship) recently built by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard,
The engine supplied this time is a product which generates the maximum output among ‘HiMSEN Engines’ which are four-stroke medium diesel engines autonomously developed by Hyundai Heavy Industries. The optimal fuel injection has greatly reduced NOx emissions, and various eco-friendly technologies such as low vibration and low noise have been applied.
This engine passed the fatigue test and low load test consecutively even in rough sea environment of high waves during a trial run on the sea for five days last July, thereby proving its excellent and stable performance.
HiMSEN Engine developed in August 2000 has continuously diversified models and widened its market into engines for propulsion and power generation of vessels, onshore power generation, marine facilities, etc.
Though 500 engines were supplied for propulsion of small and medium vessels in the meantime, this is the first time it has been mounted on a passenger ship. More than 11,300 HiMSEN Engines were exported to 50 countries all over the world by the end of last August, occupying the first place with 20% of the world market share in the medium-sized engine sector.
Beginning with the supply to RO-PAX ferry this time, Hyundai Heavy Industries plans to launch a full-fledged operation in the passenger ship propulsion market. For this purpose, Hyundai is developing a new model of dual-fuel engine with improved output compared with the previous model aiming at completing it in the coming December. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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