BBQ Grill, a BBQ grill for camping, is easy to carry and assemble. It can be installed over a campfire on which to place or hang cooking utensils. It features a new type of rack shelf that enables one to adjust the height freely according to the position desired by the user, and it also can be used as a simple burner. Designed to offer excellent space utilization, durability, and mobility, it is a unique product not only domestically but in the global market.
Made entirely of stainless steel SUS304 , it is harmless to the human body. In addition, it can be easily and conveniently installed in any place, as well as in narrow spaces, and is lightweight yet strong. With proper weight distribution, it can hold heavy camping gear when hung or placed on a wooden plate. If the weight is rested on the shelf or grill shelf, the curvature of the main rod prevents it from falling off even by slight shaking or bumping.
The outdoor hanger set is composed of a two-or threelayered plate, so can be used for various purposes including as a lantern hanger, a mini table, and a water jug stand, as well as for barbecue.
Beyond the conventional type, this product makes it possible to cook on the ground by connecting the grill and the fire pit. In addition, it is also possible to ignite easily, circulate air excellently and control fire at one time by using the torch hole on the side.
You can cook simultaneously with the height-adjustable grill that can rotate a full 360 degrees and can be connected additionally, and the grill can be used as a table.


You need not purchase a storage box separately as there is a separate storage space in the conventional bag that can be quickly installed and disassembled, thereby facilitating portability. This product can even be used as a fishing rod rack after being installed on the waterfront. Using this product, you can cook various foods even in a narrow space.
Due to the powder coating on the shaft and support frame and electrolytic polishing of SUS304 for all the other parts, this product is not harmful to the human body and rust is not generated at all. As it is completely produced in Korea and has a patented and innovative design, this product provides campers with convenience and sensibility. The total weight of the product is less than 10 kilograms and the grill can bear a load of 15 kilograms or more. Due to special welding applied to the product, there is no breakage risk. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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