Construction Heavy Equipment Heavy Industries, which has been an integral part of the construction machinery industry of Korea since its establishment in 1984, is a representative enterprise that made its mark internationally with its hydraulic breaker brand ranked in the global top 5. SOOSAN Heavy Industries, a name that is trusted by the world, is a representative enterprise of construction heavy equipment driving the industry forward throughout the world.


Hydraulic Breaker

Based on its leading-edge technological process, SOOSAN hydraulic breaker boasts a strong hitting power with the highest power-toweight ratio in its class, guarantees the durability by installing a built-in valve, and saves the maintenance cost with composition of parts of about 80% level compared with other companies.
In addition, SOOSAN Heavy Industries has become a global top-5 hydraulic breaker brand by grafting the modernization of production facilities, such as the super grinding technology, robot welding technology, its own heat treatment technology of 30 years, etc., onto such technologies.



SOOSAN crane dominates domestic market share of the truck-mounted crane regardless of the type of domestic and overseas commercial trucks with excellent mounting performance and the largest product lineup in Korea. SOOSAN crane, which guarantees excellent lifting capacity and durability with convenience capable of lifting work only with easy operation, crane boom design technology of the minimum weight in the same class, and selection of high-tensile-strength boom, minimizes shaking of the boom while in operation through the technology of minimizing the gap between booms.
In addition, SOOSAN crane maximizes the user’s work effi ciency as it facilitates double operation work that occurs frequently during crane work and also makes the operation more efficient with Korea’s first hydraulic balance optimization technology. Also, SOOSAN crane reduces maintenance costs by providing optimal fuel effi ciency with introduction of the eco system and load sensing system uniquely in South Korea.


Hydraulic Drill

SOOSAN hydraulic drill is equipped with a drilling capacity and control system that can optimally respond to various qualities of rocks or changes of working conditions with its independently developed drifter technology by utilizing the core technology of SOOSAN Breaker accumulated over the past 30 years. Like this, SOOSAN hydraulic drill with excellent drilling efficiency has better fuel consumption rates than other domestic and foreign competitors, has outstanding work capacity even in the environments of bare ground, tunnel and special work environment.
Moreover, it off ers a maximum working range compared with the same class of up and down 60/40 degrees and left and right 45 degrees, respectively. In addition, SOOSAN is improving its product competitiveness through the ergonomic design optimized for the operating environment and the structural design convenient for customers’ maintenance. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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