Industrial Valves its establishment in 1984, DR Valve Co., Ltd. has developed valves for power plants, valves for ultralow temperature, and valves for high temperature and high pressure through ceaseless R&D and standardized qualitycontrol systems, exporting to over 10 countries around the world, as well as selling in the domestic market. DR Valve supplies the best products to various industrial sites, such as refining and petroleum, chemicals, power plants, gas and LNG industry, desalination plants, ocean industry, environmental plants, etc.


Triple Offset Butterfly Valve (Butterfly Valve)

Butterfly valve has a simple structure, is easy to operate and widely used for flow path blocking and flow/pressure control. However, the disk surface of the valve is wider than that of other valves, and deflection of the disk is generated due to the working pressure. At this time, the disk is press-fitted into the seat ring like a wedge and, as a result, the operating torque is very high, causing a large impact sound and vibration when the valve is opened and closed.
In severe cases, the rotation axis of the valve may be distorted. In order to solve these problems, this product has a triple offset structure in which the shape of the disk is asymmetrical, so that when the valve is closed, the disk and seat ring is of the structure in line contact at the endpoint. Therefore, the airtight performance is excellent and there is hardly abrasion of the seat ring, which is a chronic problem of conventional products. The triple offset structure has drastically reduced noise and vibration resulting from high operating torque, which had been a problem in the conventional products, by dispersing the surface pressure acting on the disk surface in the system requiring high pressure (differential pressure) to the disk.


Easy V-Notch Ball Valve (V-Ball Valve)

The characteristics of the product are the flow control capability, which is an advantage of globe valves, and a simple structure that is a merit of ball valves. This product has solved the shortcomings of globe valves, which are expensive, relatively low flow rate, the cavitation phenomenon caused by the bent pipe and generation of noise and vibration, and the disadvantages of ball valves including sludge inflow between ball and body and seat ring breakage in the fluids containing fiber (paper pulp)-like sludge at the time of valve locking.
The Easy V-Notch Ball Valve has a seat ring installed on one side only, and the ball has a “V”-shaped notch to control the fluid to the EQ%. The shape of the “V” notch is designed to fit for the characteristics of fluids so that the control capacity can be changed according to such characteristics. In addition, due to the offset structure, the seat ring and the ball are in line contact at the closed end. Thus, the airtight performance is excellent and there is almost no abrasion of seat ring. As it is like a sharp cutter, “V” notch displays very favorable performance for use in fibrous piping lines like paper (pulp) line. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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