Direct Current Power Supply for Electric Precipitators[INQ. NO. 1810M02] International Electric’s high-voltage direct current power supply for electric precipitators is composed of the outdoor transformer for rectifiers (T/R) and the indoor control panel. This T/R supplies the high voltage direct current voltage and current for electrostatic precipitation. The output voltage of T/R should be maintained as close to the ignition point as possible for efficient precipitation.
T/R is composed of the rectification part formed by single-phase half wave rectification including a transformer, a current limiting reactor and a fast switching diode. Everything in the oil tank is perfectly sealed and painted suitably for outdoors. The control panel accommodates everything required for protection and monitoring of a thyristor element and a high-voltage power supply. International Electric is manufacturing various transformers and transformation controllers based on the latest technology. The CEO of International Electric resolved, “We promise to be a leader of the world by strengthening our foundation as a global dealer more firmly in terms of technology, quality and productivity with constant research and development based on faith, without being satisfied with the technology development and growth we have been achieving so far, in the rapidly changing era of infinite challenge.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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