Hankook Tire launches ‘Kinergy AS EV,’ a Tire Exclusively for Electric Cars

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1810M08] Hankook Tire has recently launched Kinergy AS EV, a secondgeneration tire exclusively optimized for electric cars by improving low noise and driving capacity.
Electric cars have the features of no engine noise, a car body heavier by 10~20%, and high initial acceleration force compared with the internal combustion engine car.
Thus, in order to realize the best performance, the electric car absolutely requires an exclusive tire considering its characteristics. In case of the first-generation tire exclusively for electric cars, reduction of rotation resistance and abrasion resistance technologies were prioritized and, as a result, fuel efficiency and durability were improved. However, it failed to realize highspeed driving and riding quality, which are core performance requirements for operating an automobile.
Kinergy AS EV, launched after addressing such defects, has the features of not only realizing the ultra-low noise environment optimized for the electric car but also providing comfortable riding quality of the super-capacity car tire level, the best driving performance, and steering stability.
As the electric car has no engine noise, it is inevitable that the friction noise between the road surface and the tire becomes more noticeable. In order to realize a super-low-noise driving environment, Kinergy AS EV has maximized quietness by reducing the noise generated between the tire and the road surface and restrained the noise of specific frequency occurring at the time of driving through optimal pitch sequences, thereby applying various noise reduction technologies.
In particular, in order to realize the best driving quality, Hankook Tire minimized the deformation of tread blocks even during high-speed driving by selecting the Aramid hybrid reinforcement belt, which is the best material that can be applied to the tire and the high-load reinforcing structure exclusively for electric cars. As a result, Hankook Tire has provided elaborate handling performance and drastically improved steering stability by maintaining optimal grounding configuration.
In addition, Hankook Tire has improved the performance even on wet roads by applying a compound including resin extracted from needle leaf trees and vegetable oil and enhanced the driving stability by securing fast and agile handling and braking in all driving environments such as snow, rain, etc. At the same time, it restrained the tire slip phenomenon and minimized the wearing degree of tread directly contacting the ground in order to deliver the high output of the electric motor and strong initial acceleration to the road without loss.
A spokesperson for Hankook Tire remarked, “We plan to provide driving satisfaction as well as the best driving environment for motorists who prefer to drive electric cars based on our technological prowess and quality competitiveness leading the tire industry through launch of the second-generation, ultra-high performance tire exclusively for electric cars and integrating global technologies.”

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