Vehicle Care Items Co., Ltd. is Korea’s No. 1 manufacturer of vehicle care items. Now various kinds of vehicle care items produced by the company are emerging as hot items both domestically and in several overseas markets.
RainOk Speed Spray is an essential item for a rainy day. When it rains (pours) and even the wiper is out of control, the driver is able to have a clear view while driving without any help from an expert. A fine rain-repellent layer is created after just three seconds from spraying this product onto windshield which ensures enhanced visibility in the rainy day. Thanks to this coating layer, raindrops fly off the windshield and allow the driver to have a clear view when driving at a speed of over 60km/h. Not only on a rainy day but also on a normal day, driver can have a clear view by spraying onto the windshield, side mirror and back window. This coating layer lasts up to two weeks.
RainOk Speed Spray can provide maximum pleasantness when the following three products are used together : RainOk Ultimate Glass Clean, RainOk Rain Repellent Extreme and RainOk Speed Spray for Side Mirror.
RainOk Speed for Side Mirror is optimized for a side mirror. It creates a coating layer like RainOk Speed Spray. But, its rain repellent effect activates even when the car stops and prevents the side mirror from getting dirty. This coating layer lasts up to 10 days.
If RainOK Speed Spray & RainOK Speed Spray for Side Mirror are focusing on ‘easy to use’ and ‘portability,’ RainOK Ultimate Glass Clean & RainOk Rain Repellent Extreme are focusing on cleaning glass and maintaining glass in good condition. RainOK Ultimate Glass Clean removes oil film, wax grime. water stains and any contaminants that cannot be eliminated by normal cleaners on the glass surface. And it also creates a rain-repellent coating layer which lasts up to three months. But, in case RainOk Rain Repellent Extreme is applied after cleaning glass by RainOk Ultimate Glass Clean, rain-repellent effect lasts up to six months.

By using this set of RainOK, driver can have clear visibility whether on a normal day or a rainy day. Plus, car glass can be maintained like a new car for a longer time.
As its most famous item, Bullsoneshot™ has captured over 90% of market share for fuel additives in Korea. Furthermore, SKU over 100 has met customers’ various needs and have taken over 60% of market share for total car care products in Korea. Its brand value and products competence is highly recognized in Korea along with its marketing campaign under the slogan, ‘Love my Car.’
Based on success in the domestic market, Bullsone has been trying to tap into overseas markets.
From 2017, it has been dealing with clients from over 50 countries. In order to take more opportunities to communicate with more clients, Bullsone has regularly taken part in world famous exhibitions such as Automechanika, Arab Health, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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