Electrolysis Chemical Solution Washing Deodorizer & Coolant Scale Eliminator

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryAquacell Co., Ltd. has waste water treatment, graywater treatment, river water quality purification treatment, VOCs and offensive odor elimination technology with a biofilm process using microorganism carriers, which is eco-friendly technology, in the atmosphere and water quality field. The company is growing through continuous research and development.


Electrolysis Chemical Solution Washing Deodorizer

Unlike previous chemical solution washing deodorizers, this is an eco-friendly deodorizer discharging odors and VOCs after oxidizing and degrading as harmless gasses by electrolyzing salt water without adding any other ingredients.
As this does not directly handle toxic ingredients, it solves safety problems caused by storage, damage, leakage, etc.
This is easy to maintain because it does not require a separate tank to store medicines.
This maximizes deodorization efficiency as HOCl, OCland °OH are generated at the same time through electrolysis.
By using aquacell media, it has high odor elimination efficiency and miniaturizes a device.


Coolant Scale Eliminator

The coolant scale eliminator is a system that desorbs and discharges scales and does not require cessation of operation when installing and maintaining with a pole switch method added to electrolysis without physically or chemically treating scales attached to condensers and various cooling devices.
Unlike a physical, chemical tube method, there is no damage caused to the basic material of a heat exchanger. This does not produce waste water and pollute the environment as uses no chemicals. Scales can be automatically desorbed by an electrode through pole switch.
Damage and scales on a pole plate can be eliminated without stopping a device. This is easy to maintain since it is an automated system.

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