Aluminum-Coated Steel Sheet STEEL CO., Ltd., established 20 years ago, operates offices in Daejeon and Changwon including the main office in Seoul. It also has an office in Busan specializing in trade. The Busan Trade Office checks and manages export and import logistics. It contacts buyers and builds trust with them by visiting Busan Wharf. CHEONGKUM STEEL, as a trader, is currently exporting to about 50 countries, especially India, Vietnam, etc.
CHEONGKUM STEEL is an authorized dealer handling products of Korean steel companies including POSCO Coated & Color Steel Co., Ltd., Hyundai, Dongkuk, Dongbu, Seil and Seah. The company can supply after toll processing such as slitting, shirring, etc. demanded by a consumer.
PPGI (color steel plate) and plated steel sheets (EGI, ALCOT, GI) are the main products it sells in South Korea and it can say confidently that it is selling the most color steel plates among authorized agents in South Korea. As the company handles both domestic sales and trade (export/ import), it is expanding the sales network by responding quickly and delivering information to overseas buyers.

The company’s main export item is aluminum coated steel sheet (AL-COT) and the purposes of which are largely divided into the following three areas (HS CODE: 7210.69.0000). Aluminum coated steel sheet is mainly used for mufflers, fuel tanks and exhaust pipes in the automotive field, for gas stoves, dryers, toasters and stoves in the electronic appliances field and for boilers and firewalls in the heating equipment field. It is a more upgraded steel product than what is usually used in parts generating a lot of heat as mentioned above.
The color steel sheet (PPGI) is most widely used for building materials is used as follows (HS CIDE: 721070); building envelopes, roofing and cold storages. The most commonly used field is the sandwich panel, in detail, glasswool, EPS, etc. Additional export items are the stainless pipe (HS CODE: 7306.40.2000), the pipe of SUS 409.439 line, and the high-grade steel type, which is mainly used in automobile parts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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