Construction Equipment Parts Co., Ltd. began its business in resource recycling in 1974. Its fabrication business was originally begun when Kunhwa introduced Kunhwa Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Kunhwa Machinery Co., Ltd. in 1993.
Thereafter, Kunhwa successfully gained market share in the shipbuilding industry and was recognized as a reliable block manufacturing partner by shipbuilding leaders in Korea.
Amid the continuing fluctuations in the global economy, Kunhwa will achieve recognition among global customers by providing quality products and services on a regular basis. Kunhwa was established in 2008 with the merger of Kunhwa Enterprise and Kunhwa Machinery.
Kunhwa Changwon factory is capable of manufacturing almost every fabrication part and has grown to become best partners with Volvo, John Deere, Kobelco, Doosan Infracore and many more. Kunhwa was established in 2000. It has grown up to 1,800 employees and a factory space of 451,310m2 that includes a non-substitutable painting facility (painting booth length = 62m).

Kunhwa Geoje factory provides maximum capacity of assembly and securing its goal in achieving customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality and largest supplier for DSME.
Kunhwa has currently global level fabrication capacity (cutting, welding, machining capacity: 150,000 tons per year). As an example of that, it holds welding specialist, painting specialist, etc. It manages 100,000 tons of materials a year, especially for big customer for steel plate with buying power. It has the capacity to produce anything from simple fabrication to subassemblies. More shortened production lead time than before is possible, thanks to its automated counterweight filling facility.
Kunhwa has over two decades of experience in fabrication and weldments. The skilled welders and 22 units of robot welding systems (ongoing investment in robot) are available. Capabilities using different types of CAD software ( NX/CATIA/ INVENTOR/CREO) are supported. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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