Bluetooth Damping Force Controller FOUR CO., LTD., an automobile parts specialized company established in 2014, is leading the development of the tuning industry in Korea with the goal, ‘better performance, safer handling and more comfortable riding quality.’ TYPE FOUR seeks to inform clients of the excellence of Korean tuning products worldwide by making high-quality products and functional products, differentiated from previous products, to develop the tuning industry of Korea.
TYPE FOUR, with suspensions as its main product, is expanding the product line to semi-tuning suspensions (e.g. special vehicles including camping cars, etc.), BDFC (Bluetooth Damping Force Controller), etc.
BDFC is the technology that controls the riding quality of one’s vehicle using a smartphone. Vehicles drive on various roads including freeways, unpaved roads (dirt roads, gravel roads, etc.), etc. However, normal vehicles, except for expensive models, drive on these roads with the same riding quality.
This technology provides stability while driving at high speed on freeways with comfortability on unpaved roads. It is indeed innovative technology where the riding quality of a vehicle is attuned to a driver, rather than a driver being attuned to the riding quality. In other words, a driver can feel the riding quality of a sports car, a sedan and an offroader with one vehicle.
“BDFC” is applied for the trademarks, design and patent. Sales commenced since November, 2018, with pre-orders received not only from Korea but also from the United States, Hong Kong, Japan and Vietnam. TYPE FOUR is planning to release a product that can adjust the riding quality and the height of a vehicle with a smartphone by developing an air-suspension next year.
TYPE FOUR currently has the top market share in the Korean tuning suspension market both in name and reality. TYPE FOUR plans to expand its export market through continuous research and development. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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