Eco-friendly Non-slip Products for Stair accidents can occur due to slippage on the edge of the stairs or an incline that is necessarily stepped on when walking. Therefore, a separate structure is needed to prevent slippage, and in this situation, non-slip pads or stair non-slip is used.
Donho R&D’s ceramic non-slip is a proprietary product made of ceramic (emery) and aluminum pad, applying its patented technology of the compressing method with thermal fusion and is an eco-friendly product which does not use adhesives.
Unlike the conventional PVC non-slip or tape-type nonslip, as its product does not include colorants or adhesives containing volatile organic compounds, poisonous gas is not generated in the event of fire. In addition, despite of long time use, the product’s color does not change nor deteriorate, so that it can be used semi-permanently.
In many cases, conventional non-slip tape, brass non-slip, and/or PVC non-slip are installed on the stairs or an incline. As the above-mentioned non-slips are poor in durability, they have the disadvantage that their initial performance deteriorates remarkably due to the dropout or abrasion over time. Non-slip tape is a product using the adhesive component which is compromised when exposed to the sunlight or in the open air for a long time, and as a result, its performance deteriorates drastically. PVC or brass nonslip also becomes ineffective due to abrasion or dehydration of the embossed portion which plays the role of non-slip as time goes by.
Donho R&D uses bonding materials instead of abrasives or adhesive materials that have the anti-slip function and apply an eco-friendly method that does not have any separate coloring process, thereby providing a semipermanent anti-slip performance. Based on this patented technology, our company directly produces the Art Nonslip, Fluorescence Ceramic Non-slip, and Luminescence Ceramic Non-slip with a width of 60mm (flat type), front foot length of 30mm (¬ character type) or 72(74)mm, and front foot length of 30mm (¬ character type).
Art Non-slip is the most basic product and is suitable for stairway passages (school, subway, etc.), pedestrian overpass, and deck. Fluorescence Ceramic non-slip is a product that placed the fluorescent material directly on the frame. It provides excellent visibility in a low-light environment as well as an anti-slip function, making it suitable for a space where children and elderly people mainly walk. Luminescence Ceramic non-slip is a product made for induction function in the event of power failure or fire by adding the luminescence function when the light is off and where there is a blackout. It is suitable for stairs in subway stations, hospitals, concert halls, and passage routes for evacuation purposes. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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