Semiconductors and Automation Equipment Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional company that develops and manufactures semiconductors and automation equipment. Since its founding in 1993, it has been supplying various kinds of equipment to domestic and overseas manufacturing companies. Samil is an equipment manufacturing company focusing on location of equipment and securing national competitiveness.
Samil has especially been focusing on semiconductors and automation equipment including trim/form equipment, semiconductor package inspection equipment, laser deflash equipment, and laser marking equipment among semiconductor post-processing equipment. Samil has endeavored to be a company that creates the highest value with the best products through persistent R&D and quality improvement.


MLCC Magnet Loading Machine

This equipment uses magnetic force to place MLCC (0402 ~ 1005) on the hole of a carrier plate, press it with a roller press and insert it at a certain height.



Connector Assembly Machine

This machine is designed to assemble and test an automobile connector, where 44 pins and 24 pins are inserted into housing and formed. Housings are supplied from the bowl feeder and pins are supplied in reel.
Pins in reel are cut, separated, inserted into housing, and formed. After being formed, the pins are aligned evenly by a pin alignment tool. Then, the connector goes through an electrical test and vision inspection, and they are sorted as good or rejected. The good ones are put into a tray after cleaning, marking and oiling processes.


Trim Form System

This machine is designed to cut the lead of the semiconductor device by using a tool set, removing the mold flash, and forming the leads.
This machine can be applied to various devices that have the leads such as an image sensor, power package, RF module, and LED, as well as a traditional discrete package.


Press-Type Barb Suture Machine

This press-type machine is designed to create barbs on a suture thread.
Operation : Comparing to a blade-type machine creating barbs, this press-type machine has great advantages such as higher productivity, longer thread, stable barb shape, and extended lifetime over blade. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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