Thinkware will Unveil INAVI Blue Vent ACP-10, an Air Purifier[INQ. NO. 1811M05] Thinkware recently announced that it will release INAVI Blue Vent ACP-10, a vehicle air purifier improving the air environment of the interior space of a vehicle.
INAVI Blue Vent ACP-10, having realized a simple design of the cup holder type, can be installed and used in a vehicle without a separate mount.
In addition, by measuring the interior air pollution of the car through the built-in sensor, this product conveys the information on good (blue color), normal (yellow color), and bad (red color) status through LED installed near the electric power source.
Various functions were applied for the optimal air purification. Quick air circulation is possible inside the vehicle with the round 360-degree omnidirectional air purifying system and a quadruple filter is applied to remove harmful substances.
In addition, this product filters harmful substances through the multi-stage filtration, such as the primary free net filter that blocks large foreign substances, the secondary free filter that filters out hair or thick dust, the tertiary HEPA filter that filters out ultra-fine dust or harmful substances of which the diameter is 0.3 micron or smaller, and the quaternary carbon filter that filters out volatile organic compounds, yellow dust, dust of daily life, etc.
The product also informs the driver of the information on when to replace the filter. Besides, depending on the situation, it can be operated in manual three-stage intensity control and automatic mode, thus creating a constantly refreshing interior environment of the vehicle.
A spokesperson for Thinkware explained, “Recently, as the air pollution has become worse, there is a growing need to improve the internal environment of vehicles, as well as houses. INAVI Blue Vent ACP-10 is a product that purifies the interior air of the vehicle through the quadruple filter function in addition to reasonable price and easy installment, and it will be able to enhance drivers’ satisfaction with the upgraded vehicle environment.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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