Forklift Tires solid tire is a development product which is directly produced by MR TIRE with a high consideration of stability to be the most crucial value based on its field sense obtained through long periods of time and self-technology know-how and MR SOLID is recognized as very reasonable, obtaining excellent anti-wear performance, driving power and braking force in comparison with the price.
In Korea, Solid tires are the mostly used Chinese product, except for N company. There are only a few companies manufacturing house brand products based on 100% Korean technology. Especially, several companies are producing the products with OEM.
However, MR GLOBAL directly manufactures tires by a high quality of advanced technology and site tests for more than 15 years with MR-SOLID brand. MR is providing its products to both major companies and small companies. Almost of them are satisfied with its products especially for quality and lifespan so that, MR GLOBAL takes great pride in its products.
By listening to customers’ feedback and requirements on a regular basis, and continuously developing the technology to meet the customer’s expectations, MR GLOBAL strives to follow the trends of the times through professional site tests in work and other places. Eventually, MR GLOBAL could release a new product in 2018 with a tire pattern developed by itself. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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