High-precision Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDaesung Hi-tech Co., Ltd., established in 1995, started its first business with Yamazaki Mazak by supplying highprecision parts in 1997. It has been highly acknowledged as one of the companies having top class technical skills in the Japanese market over the past 20 years.
Daesung Hi-tech exports such high-quality parts to a variety of countries such as Japan, the UK, Singapore, etc. As much as 85% of its profits are being made from exporting goods. Moreover, Daesung Hi-tech acquired AS9001 (Aerospace quality certificate), which makes it competitive in the aerospace market.
Its main products are high-precision parts, units, jig fixes, high-precision ass’y, automatic lathes, hobbing machines, and tapping centers.


Index Coupling (Hirth Type)

This is the device used for delivering the rotation from one shaft to another. It is different from the clutch, and it is impossible to cut the delivery of power randomly during the rotation as it connects the two shafts directly. It is classified into the fixed type that connects the two shafts semi- permanently, the movable type that somewhat allows movement between the two shafts, and the retractable type that is used when the two shafts form a certain angle.
Daesung Hi-tech’s coupling, being selfdeveloped is exported all over the world including Japan. This product is used for splitting positions of such equipment as the index table, NC lathe, turret device, etc. and convenient for semi-finishing due to excellent durability and high-power delivery.


Spindle Spacer

Spindle spacer is a spacer for fixing the spindle bearing which is the core of the machine tool, and it is a high precision product requiring up to 0.001 parallelism; applicable to various kinds of spindle bearings.



Collet is a part for fixing a drill or an end mill, and there are multiple grooves on the cylinder-shaped barrel of the collet. By tightening the barrel with uniform force from the outside using the screw, the collect is tightly fixed to the drill or the end mill which is inserted into the barrel.
Daesung Hi-tech’s collet is a unit part for fixing the M/C seal that is a functional product which is complex in the process of each part and requires high precision.
As of 2018, with the aim of diversifying its current field of business, Daesung Hi-tech is emphasizing its capability and influence – not only in the field of machine tools but also in the field of other industrial machines – in order to make much more profit, as well as to take a huge step forward in the various industrial markets.

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