Wooden Blinds with Paulownia Wood

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySince 2008, the Sunblind Co., Ltd. operated a factory, named Il-jin Art, which was established in order to produce floors, blinds, and timber carpets for interior products using timber. In August 2014, the company was converted to a corporation, The Sun Blind. Since then, the company has produced wooden blinds using paulownia wood. The company makes complete products by even painting timbers, which is a unique case in Korea.
In addition, as the company uses eco-friendly paints, it has been differentiated from other companies that use Chinese paints of low quality. Also, by producing a half dozen varieties of combination blinds from fabric textile manufacturing to complete products, the company is known to completely prepare every interior product required for windows.
The Sunblind adopts ‘eco-friendliness and naturalism’ as its basic motto. It constructs wooden blinds, combination blinds, etc. based on these principles, from standard design to actual groundbreaking operation. Moreover, its products are examined through strict quality system assessment. The company is constantly working hard to set the quality stable, and to manufacture products faster with its exclusive ‘One-Stop’ system based on its highly developed technology.


Paulownia Wood Blinds and Combination Blinds

Advantages of paulownia wood include lightness and inflexibility, which prevent parts from being broken. And the natural material and angle control of its blinds adjust sunlight so that they can create luxurious and comfortable moods. These paulownia wood blinds are anti-bacterial products that eliminate air pollutants such as staphylococcus aureus or colon bacillus. Upon request, red clay is added so that these blinds can emit anions. They provide strong protection against electromagnetic waves.
Combination blinds are easily adjustable to sunlight as they are arranged by a pair of fabrics, net parts and blocks.
And thanks to their low price, lower than the prices of wood blinds, they can easily create a comfortable mood for houses. The company also produces low-priced and functional products with a half dozen different fabrics, black curtains, line and so forth, by arranging the colors.

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