Air Conditioning System is a heat-source integrated unit produced by MoonMyung Ace Co., Ltd. The oil-free magnetic levitated centrifugal chiller which is applied to this product as heat-source equipment is 90% higher in efficiency than that of conventional screw chillers, yet reduces noise level and vibration to below 72dB; and no oil is required due to the magnetic levitated bearing. As starting current is only 2A, the energy saving is significant.
In addition, ultra-fine particles − the hottest issue in Korea − is resolved by filters applied to i-ONE, which can keep indoor air quality (IAQ) below PM 2.5 (ISO 16890). Besides, as i-ONE is the unit in which heat source and air conditioning equipment is integrated, it can drastically reduce piping equipment and other equipment, thus reducing saves more than 50% of pump power compared to existing systems.
The cooling tower applied to i-ONE together with the chiller has a plume abatement function without additional coil or equipment and high efficiency and low noise performance. In particular, it consists of three tower types based on noise level − low noise type, ultra-low noise type, and super ultra-low noise type. As for the super ultra-low noise type, no additional silencer is required and an innovative fan satisfying 45dB at 20m is applied.
Featuring a high-end air handling unit, clean air solution as well as high efficiency, low noise and low vibration, i-ONE is capable of measuring indoor ultra-fine particles, fine particles, CO2 and VOC through its Smart Control Kit, while it is properly under control in order to provide optimized air conditioning. In addition, i-ONE can deal with prolonged construction period issues caused by construction workforce-related problems.
Patented in the USA, Germany, and Japan as well as Korea, i-ONE provides solutions to all the current air-related issues in the domestic and global markets.
MoonMyung Ace Co., Ltd. has been providing cutting-edge high-quality products, various solutions, and services based on plenty of experience over half a century and innovative technology while leading the Korean HVAC industry since its founding in 1696. Moonmyung Ace seeks to develop the HVAC industry through innovative total HVAC solutions. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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