Dry Room & Geothermal System

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryTThe dry room system manufactured by Shinsung Engineering Co., Ltd. is equipped with the world’s best dehumidification rotor produced by Seibu Giken Co., Ltd. in Japan to provide ultra-low-humidity (DP-70 degree) technology. Using the purge process to recover regenerated heat in order to reduce the electric capacity of the heater by 20%, it drastically lowers the operation cost of the drier system.
In addition, by analyzing the air flow and temperature and humidity distribution inside the dryer room, the air flow was optimized to improve the efficiency by 10% and the fan motor consumption power by 10%. This system is applicable to various applications such as secondary batteries, pharmaceutical companies, semiconductors, shipbuilding, automobiles, chemicals, and museums; and the market is expanding rapidly. It is reflected in system design through close contact with nonstandard specifications requested by customers and Shinsung established a business process that can incorporate advanced technology into equipment.
Shinsung Engineering’s joint residential geothermal system integrates the cooling, heating, hot water supply and ventilation of apartment houses through geothermal heat pumps and maximizes energy savings through the provision of a unified HVAC system. The company’s geothermal heat pump is applied to the first zero-energy housing demonstration complex in Korea, and it is used steadily by supplying the heat source of cold, heating, hot water supply and ventilation of households.
This product allows users to obtain excellent building efficiency rating through the application of a heat pump using geothermal heat of new and renewable energy, thus reducing various tax benefits and construction costs. The cooling, heating and ventilation facilities can be configured as one home network, so that individual control of each room can be easily performed, thereby maximizing convenience and thermal comfort. In addition, it is possible to operate the unified air-quality management system through the introduction of central or individual ventilation systems for fine dust reduction.

Shinsung Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive refrigeration and air conditioning company. Established in 1977, Shinsung Engineering has developed high-efficiency, environment-friendly products based on continuous research and technology. As a result, the company received the Prime Minister’s Commendation Award and the Presidential Commendation, acquired Q-Mark for all its air conditioning equipment, as well as acquiring the technological certifications in North America and the European Union. From design to construction, Shinsung Engineering provides customers with high-efficiency, eco-friendly total solutions in all areas of refrigeration and air conditioning.

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