Automobile Freezer Corporation has been supplying automobile freezers to Hyundai Motor Group. An automobile freezer is a product installed in a refrigerator truck that keeps the vehicle’s temperature at a certain level by using the vehicle’s engine and an electric motor.
CRK’s automobile freezer has a slim type of luxurious design and its front grill has high durability by making use of burstproof automobile bumper materials. The condenser case features a special coating of ASA that offers strong protection against sunlight in order to minimize the discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays.
The realization of weight lightening by means of the high-performance engine and compressor enables cost-saving of fuel and additional load. For this product, the cooling speed is significantly improved by using a highefficiency heat exchanger. Also, it does not consume much fuel, due to the use of a compressor clutch and variable control technology, by greatly lowering the initial stage of the maneuver load. Moreover, this product minimizes the potential destruction of the ozone layer by using an eco-friendly HFC refrigerant.
A spokesperson for the company explained “We are about to increase the exchange of technologies and information among our affiliates in order to grow into a global level technology innovation company actively boosting our overseas market dominance by utilizing our global networks.”
CRK specializes in commercial refrigeration supplying freshness for you by establishing a total cold-chain system. Based on refrigeration technology that has evolved over the past 110 years, CRK Corporation applied the inverter system to refrigeration for the first time in Korea. The inverter system is able to deliver cost-saving benefits of up to 49% compared to the normal system. This innovative technology allowed our company to take the lead in the energy-saving field with highly efficient products.
Also, CRK is taking the No.1 market position in terms of customer satisfaction in the field of refrigerated and frozen showcase and low temperature system thanks to its excellent reputation for reliable service. CRK’s factory is located in Hwasung, South Korea, and the company manufactures refrigeration equipment and facilities such as a variety of commercial showcases, low temperature systems, commercial refrigerators, vehicle refrigerators, and ice making plants, etc. CRK will continue to grow by supplying the best quality products and technology based on its business ethic of always considering safety and the environment as its best values. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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