Industrial Package Freezers KOREA Co., Ltd. is a company that is actively engaged in the field of industrial refrigerator. Now two models – MC-500R and MC-500F − are expected to lead the company’s overseas drive for advancing into potential markets. The MC-500 shows its superior capability in terms of energy-saving, eco-friendly, and safety. It reduces the overall power consumption of the cooling facility, saving up to 30 percent of the electricity bill compared to the Freon system. By reducing the refrigerant charge by 85 percent (0.5kg/1kW) compared to other existing products, the risk of leakage of the refrigerant is greatly reduced, thus ensuring safe operation.
And in a situation where regulation of Freon refrigerant is accelerating, the MC-500 is a 100% guaranteed solution for future use in the context of natural refrigerant ammonia and CO2.
Established in 1973, MYCOM KOREA is one of local branches of MAYEKAWA MFG Co., Ltd., and manages an independent manufacturing line. It is in the total engineering area for thermal energy as industrial refrigerator and cooler manufacturing, consulting, system design, construction and engineering.

Since its founding, MYCOM KOREA has researched not only industrial refrigeration, food, and chemical fields, but also cryogenics fields like superconductivity cable cooling equipment, fusion reactor cooler, energy saving by using high efficiency system, global warming preventing technology by natural refrigerant cooling system, and so forth, with the pride of a leading company in the industrial refrigerator area, and expanding in both domestic and global markets.
MAYEKAWA MFG Co., Ltd., which was established in 1924, began as a manufacturer of industrial refrigerators and grew to become a total engineering company today by expanding the business areas broadly into a diverse range of fields. Currently, MAYEKAWA provides its products and technics with three shops for compressor units and mechanical, a robot manufacturing line, and 70 branches in Japan, plus 90 branches in 35 nations worldwide.
To grow a company sustainably, social responsibility is the most important. MYCOM Korea seeks to recruit talented workers by providing scholarships at universities in Korea, and supports research on refrigeration technology as a leading member of the International Institute of Refrigeration and SAREK. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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