Cooling Units Cotran is a specialized company in the cooling & HVAC field, and was founded in 1989 with the mission of achieving going concern, customer value creation and creative HRM. Duksan Cotran does its best to ensure customer satisfaction and green management through active R&D investment, creating human-centered technology and strengthening product quality under three major product categories − namely, cooling industry products; HVAC & energy industry products; and eco-friendly products. Duksan Cotran’s air & water cooled chiller series and oil & water temperature control units are the best solutions for precisely treated processes on most manufacturing facilities.
Duksan Cotran supplies and sells such products − equipment that upgrades the processed products to a higher level – to domestic and foreign global companies including Hyundai Mobis, LG Electronics, LG Chemicals, etc.
Duksan Cotran’s precision cooling units and heat pump air handling units can perfectly meet any of your expectations on ideal performance and energy saving. Of special note, the CO2 & Cascade type heat pump is its brand new product in its eco-friendly product line-up, featuring stable performance and reasonable pay-back period.
In particular, Duksan Cotran’s cooling units are energy-saving high-efficiency products and are optimized in terms of quality and performance. There are two types of cooling units – the V1 type and V2 type, respectively. The V2 type cooling unit adopts a U-shaped condenser that increases efficiency in the use of installation space. The company isthe nation’s first to apply the U-shaped condenser to the cooling unit. And the cooling unit uses a highly-efficient valvular evaporator. The cooling unit uses R-407C refrigerant, representing itself as an eco-friendly product.
This V2 type supports the service of the previous alarm system such as alarm against high/low temperature, low pressure, and low water-level. The V2 was internally designed to be conveniently checked and managed. And major parts of the product are located on the side. The two cooling units used for hopper, oil cooler, and injection molds. And they are preferred for high frequency machines, welders, and printers.
Thanks to its unceasing efforts, the company acquired various technologies & management related certifications and is also registered for Korea government procurement services. The activities of the company are based on ethical management with customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility. Duksan Cotran is committed to being a stable and trustworthy company as it prepares for the next quarter of the century. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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