Intelligent Compressor Korea is engaged in selling intelligent compressors under the brand name ECOSTAR. The new ECOSTAR condensing unit’s cooling capacity may perfectly be adapted to the requirements by a speed-regulated compressor and fan.
The complete equipment permits a quick and easy on-site setup without complicated installation of additional components. With the extension of the series, new models for low-temperature applications with higher cooling capacity are now available.
Higher fan-efficiency is ensured due to the use of EC fans. Noise level is reduced by sound-optimized air duct, eco- and low sound-mode, and compressor housing. The increased condenser efficiency is guaranteed due to an optimized minichannel condenser. So, lower refrigerant charge and best heat exchange can be realized. For the product, such essential components as a terminal box, filter dryer, sight glass, and oil separator are easily accessible.
This product is controlled via a weekly program. Up to four ECOSTAR units can be connected for temperature control. In case of a sensor fault, the ECOSTAR condensing unit is not shut off. The compressor keeps operating with 50Hz, with 100% fans. When the sensor works properly again, the ECOSTAR condensing unit returns to normal operation. Optionally the alarm relay can stay deactivated when external release is missing. The night mode limits the compressor frequency and the fan. The sound emission can therefore be limited up to 45dB.
Via PC, a lot of BITZER IQ products may be configured with the best software. Easy device parameterization is possible. The storage and installation of device and compressor setups are possible. Safe and easy firmware update is possible. Display of all connected sensors is possible – e.g. pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, oil-level switches. The current operation point is presented within the application limit. And the display of the current capacity control status is also possible. Data log download and visualization of all operating parameters are also possible. Alarm list with integrated help function is presented for easy maintenance and service.
The BITZER Group is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors. BITZER is represented across the globe through distribution companies and production facilities for reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors, heat exchangers and pressure vessels. In 2017, 3,500 employees generated sales of €740 million. BITZER Korea started as a representative office in 2007 and was upgraded to an independent corporation in 2014. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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