Fan Coil Units The fan coil units from AIR TECH Co., Ltd. are manufactured by using EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) material that is lightweight and eco-friendly, and they are thus transformed into products upgraded in terms of durability. And they can contribute to improvement of the environment.
Also, they adopt various control systems and realize the functions of power cable communication, featuring wireless remote control, automatic control, and separate control of the swing wing, they thus provide customized functions to the users.
They are fitted with a UV lamp and electric dust collector for improving the daily deteriorated air quality in order to provide clearer and fresher air to users. Thus, they are recognized as an optimized product for the changing environment.

Model S/D gives benefit in terms of space use as its body can be put into the ceiling, and its panel part is adjacent to the front side of the ceiling. The corner of panel is rounded so that it can create harmony with the surrounding environment. It can be used in any various sites.
As a specialized refrigeration and HVAC company, AIR TECH Co., Ltd. has expanded thanks to warm support and interests of its customers since its establishment in 1995, in the refrigeration and HVAC field ranging from development and production of fan coil units, constant temperature and humidity units & air handling units to the economic and eco-friendly chiller & cooling tower sales.

In the age of growing market competition and technology innovation, AIR TECH is making desperate efforts to create a new future by concentrating on generation of qualitative growth as well as quantitative growth to provide its customers with the best quality of service. AIR TECH is also committed to being a strong company aiming at providing its customers with optimized solutions for energy saving. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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