High-performance Insulator

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryAsung REF is specialized in HVAC&R. It designs, installs, and sells products and services such as rubber insulation, fabric air duct system, showcase, overhaul service, cold storage, etc. Asung R.E.F. is committed to being a trustworthy company with competitiveness and reliable management through continuous challenge and creative of value.
Asung plans to boost its global presence with its high-performance insulator, “DURKFLEX,” which was structured with independent foam and is an ideal product for HAVC/R. DURKFLEX is a solution that provides a very effective way to prevent leakage of the heat in the whole air conditioning system.
The performance of three-generation DURKFLEX produced with a particular technology of microcellular foam ensures it can contain more air in independent foam. More importantly, the technology of microcellular foam allows DURKFLEX to be more stably and reliably used in industrial sites.
High-performance DURKFLEX has passed some rigorous global standards – from the United States, to the UK, Australia, China, South Korea, etc. and it is being widely used for such various areas as piping systems, air conditioning systems, duct systems, etc. It is flexible and is easy to install, so it is widely used for air conditioner refrigerant.
Following its meeting the rigorous global standards including BS, ASTM, FM, KS, AS, GB, DIN, etc., it is applied in metallic air duct systems in various well-known buildings worldwide.
As a superior heat insulating material, DURKFLEX delivers excellent thermal effects. High-quality DURKFLEX increases the performance of users’ air conditioners by ensuring energy-saving, environment-friendly effects, and anti-dew condensation effect. DURKFLEX is also a very effective solution in the operation and management of the cooling water pipe system, a indispensable part of the center cooling system. High-quality DURKFLEX is capable of protecting the building structure and ceiling tiles by blocking the formation of dew condensation.
DURKFLEX installed in a hot water heating system can save energy significantly with little loss of heat. Moreover, DURKFLEX is also a more economical and convenient product in the installation of solar water heating systems than any comparative existing solutions.

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