Air-Conditioning System Multi V Super 5 detects not only indoor and outdoor temperature but also humidity − beyond the simple cooling function. It distinguishes the humidity of the rainy season from the heat of the hottest season to provide a pleasant wind as well as energy-saving benefits.
Existing products stop running for a stable heating supply during winter, switching to a defrosting operation and oil recovery operation − while Multi V Super 5 minimizes such unnecessary operation to save energy and extend the heating time.
By adopting the advanced subcooler design technology, Blackfin, and T.V.I., this product enables heating in extreme cold of -25ºC, while maximizing the heating capacity in the cold temperature of -15ºC. It also uses the world’s first three-stage compression technology to improve heating efficiency, while the 5th-generation inverter compressor technology achieves overwhelming rapid cooling and heating. Whisen Smart Dual Inverter is made by using the patented technology of a smart heat exchanger for the first time in the world to improve the energy efficiency by selecting the optimum variable flow path for cooling and heating respectively, and automatically adjusting the heat exchanging area.
In addition, the world’s first five-stage receiver system maximizes energy efficiency by controlling the optimal amount of refrigerant required for cooling and heating operation in real time, and appropriately adjusting the amount of refrigerant according to the system environment and load conditions.
The LG Electronics Air Solution Business Unit is a total HVAC and energy- solution provider. The company offers a broad portfolio of air conditioner products that are compatible with any building anywhere, including compact residences, towering skyscrapers, massive factories, and giant concert halls. As a true total HVAC and energy solution provider, LG also supplies even the largest buildings and industrial facilities with central air conditioning systems such as chillers, and at the same time offers efficient control solutions. The history of the business unit goes back to 1968 when LG (then called GoldStar) rolled out Korea’s first residential air conditioner. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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