Cooling Towers’s EX/MEX series cooling tower is a cross-flow cooling tower. This is an innovated system that covers a large capacity in compact type. The existing standard cross-flow cooling tower system has the following disadvantages: the dead area where the cooling water passing through the fill material is deflected to one side. It is due to the speed of the air being sucked and not being cooled.
However, the high-efficiency fill material of the EX/MEX series of the cooling tower system is patented through the extraordinary technology, and does not have any disadvantages.
The usage of a PVC cellular type drift eliminator and wide mounting space reduces drift to less than 0.002%. Additionally, it is the least drift type among the cooling tower systems with having low probability of legionella propagation.
To maximize heat exchange efficiency, a separate distribution device is installed on the top of the fill material. Designed as a compact cooling tower, it features light weight of the high-performance cooling tower. And it has maximum capacity of 1200 CRT per cell.
As a double cross-flow type cooling tower, this allows maintenance and repair during the operation. The access door is designed for easy access, and is built efficiently for inspecting and cleaning. Also, immediate repair is possible if defects occur on the driving side.
Ultraviolet protection coating is applied to the fill material to minimize the hardening phenomenon. Therefore, it does not interfere with the related system (main equipment, pump, piping) due to breakage.
Also, the CKL model does not cause contamination of cooling water through the absence of direct contact with external air.
Coolant circulation coils of copper or stainless steel free the cooling tower from oxidation or other corrosion. Since the coils are installed on both sides of the fan, plume abatement operation is possible under the low plume abatement or low-load temperature driving, and when the coil’s sprinkling water is not on one side. The optimal arrangement of fan, filler, and coil eliminates the air flow’s dead area, and improves its efficiency.
CKL series is an enclosed cooling tower system for when conditions are sensitive for contamination or if there is a need for continuous operation throughout the year such as: semiconductor equipment, computer rooms, emergency power plants, etc. All of CKL’s enclosed models are the cooling tower systems that are certified by STD-201 of CTI. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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