New Antibacterial Flexible Hose Flexible Duct Hose Co., Ltd. has introduced new antibacterial flexible hose that can improve air quality by applying advanced hygiene technology to the flexible hose field. Nanocomposite ions and cationic micro-particles with antimicrobial properties are contained in polymer capsules.
This product exhibits such competitive effects as safe antibacterial activity, strong antifungal activity, powerful deodorizing function, long-lasting antibacterial performance, and strong odor elimination.

Click-type SUS Clamp
The click-type SUS clamp is an innovative band that uses a click-locking system to easily overcome the inconvenience of the belt and matrix of the existing bands. Not only is it quick to use, but it also provides convenience that can be used freely in one size or smaller size, especially in the case of a simple disposable band.
It can be easily used for second fastening with a screwdriver after first fastening by the click-type or snap-fastening method, so that it can be widely used in any field where fastening is required such as automobile machinery and piping work as well as band tightening application for duct construction. Moreover, it is solid. This product is a patented product that won the prize of the Korean Intellectual Property Office in the invention patents of the Republic of Korea in 2010. It has patents pending patent in the United States, Europe and Japan. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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