Electronic Gas Saver

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDaegyeong Techwin’s DGTW electronic gas saver reduces cost, enhances safety, and improves convenience of welding work.
The user does not need to control the torch valve during brazing and soldering. You have to only ignite the torch when you start work and hang up the torch when you finish your work.
Automatic stopping of the gas supply is possible in the case of a power failure. The company’s gas saver is free from gas leakage, mechanical breakage and is maintenance-free because solenoid valves and precise electronic control devices are adopted.
DGTW gas saver saves the cost of machinery within one month for the people who do not have a gas saver or have an out of order gas saver, and within one year for people who have a conventional mechanical gas saver. And the gas saver is a digital gas saver that is made for beginners to standardize the flame by attaching a digital pressure sensor.
Daegyeong Techwin strives to meet the needs of customers through the development of new technology and the introduction of advanced technology. In addition, Daegyeong Techwin has established a Welding R&D Lab in order to improve productivity, quality and competitiveness. Owing to its efforts regarding continuous research and development for its customers, Daegyeong Techwin has been nominated as a venture company and has become a specialized company in brazing and pipe.

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