Centrifugal Humidifier

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryFaran Industry’s centrifugal humidifier has various space usages (on-wall), and it is easy to carry by its handle. This product has a problem-free simple structure and ensures high-durability. It shows good features for chemical disinfection & deodorization. This product deserves to be briskly used for electronics, textiles, tobacco factories, low-temperature warehouses, and mushroom cultivation.Users need to set it up horizontally to control the water level. The connecting wire needs to be long enough for use. Users should have the water tank checked and cleaned periodically. If there is no humidification, users need to turn the power off and check the water level. If water overflows, operators need to turn the water tap off and check the float valve.Under the motto of Realization of Dreams with Courage and Wisdom, Faran Industry has striven for the past 10 years to serve the national interest by exporting the best quality products and maintaining the highest standards of service, based on strong international competitiveness deriving from its special corporate objectives: culture, strategy, planning and management. Faran Industry is committed to becoming one of the global leading companies in its field in this century.

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