Portable Air Conditioners

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryWeltem’s portable air conditioner features the so-called “spot cooling” for large areas where cooling of entire areas is impractical like factories, open areas, etc. These conditioners are much more economical to provide cool air to people or material directly, rather than entire cooling. This product also provides a “room-cooling” function for closed areas to control the temperature of the area.
This product employs a convenient digital controller, the use of which is very convenient and easy. This controller is equipped with many functions including self-diagnosis adjusting airflow, remote control, and auto restart. The condensation tank can also be installed in a portable air conditioner to store the water that comes out from exchanging of heat. The sturdy castors are installed in the air conditioner, featuring anti-corrosion, and made with high strength material. These castors are convenient self-fixing devices.
Weltem’s portable air conditioners are being used in IT environments, industrial kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, multiple factory offices, multi-work stations, vessels, sports rooms, military use-tents, and aircraft hangars.

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