Industrial Couplings Machinery Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer that started production of precision couplings in 1991 for the first time in Korea. Through consistent effort of research and development, now Sung-il Machinery has the most various coupling product lines in the world.Apart from couplings, Sung-il Machinery has also been doing its best to make the (Factory Automation (FA) industry in Korea more competitive than before, along with its other machine components including support units for ball screws, connecting shafts, A.P locks, etc.
The coupling not only delivers the power and motion of the drive shaft at the same time to the drive shaft, but also absorbs the deterioration factors (vibration, noise, and micro current) of the misalignment and other equipment.
The safety coupling performs the functions of both power transmission and protective function against overload by combining the features of a coupling and torque limiter.
The A.P. lock connects the shaft and hubs (pulley, gear, etc.) simultaneously and features the holding of various options of various sizes, materials, and surface treatment.The support unit for the ball screw supports the shaft ends of the ball screws precisely. Sung-il Machinery supports various units for ball screws, depending on sizes, weight, and use.

Product Lines
As the company is preparing to advance into Industry 4.0, equipment technology for the FA industry has been accelerating rapidly and so are FA markets all over the world. In this regard, it now aims to be the world’s best, equipped with significant know-how. The company has accumulated experience as a local major player in Korea over a long period.Sung-il Machinery currently operates two overseas branches – one in China and the other in Japan. Besides, it has a broad global network, exporting its specialized machine components to more than 30 countries. Moreover, it keeps seeking to expand its sales territory as much as possible. Sung-il Machinery is committed to keeping “Customer Satisfaction” as its first priority core value. It aims to remain a reliable supplier, ensuring that its customers are always satisfied with its services – supreme quality, reasonable pricing and short lead-time. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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