Portable Electrical Precipitator

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryThe portable electrical precipitator produced by AIRTECH 21 Co., Ltd. is a dust collector that can automatically diffuse the compressed air inside the cartridge filter to completely eliminate fine particles. The filters are easily removable without using a flynut. Its exclusive design realizes phenomenal wind volume and wind pressure as well as high efficiency and low noise.
Displaying the dust accumulation status on an analog or digital differential pressure gauge, it notifies the user when to replace the filter. The dust box installed on the bottom of the main body can be easily detached with one touch, allowing the user to re-collect dust and raw materials.
AIRTECH 21’s multi-purpose precipitator can be applied for various usages as it can collect different kinds of dusts, wet process, dry process, fume, gold and silver works, etc. It operates the motor stably by releasing oil and moist inhaled through the intake into the side section not passing the motor part. It can be easily assembled because internal and external covers are disassembled merely by opening a one-touch lever when cleaning.
Durability of the product has been increased by mechanical design, and with the practical structure, it has a competitive price compared to the capacity of other products. Damage to the turbo-type impeller is prevented by a detachable chip. It can be cleaned with the ceramic coated filter for a long time.
Currently, AIRTECH 21 is developing technologies such as high-efficiency filters, highly advanced precipitation methods, etc., and exports various products to different countries for the first time in Korea. Also, it retains patents, utility models, registration of design, CE certificates, ISO certificates, etc.
Various hazardous substances that are emitted from industrial sites are becoming a social issue because they pollute the environment and have a great impact on operators’ health.
Based on its establishment philosophy, AIRTECH 21 has sought to constantly research and produce excellent precipitators and satisfy customers with differentiated service. As a result, it has become a competitive company among various companies already occupying the market.
AIRTECH 21 is committed to being a company that is reliable and creates new values through steady development of technologies and consistent management innovation. AIRTECH 21 is producing the best precipitators based on a philosophy of a clean and safe operational environment without harmful substances as the foundation for the health of individuals and social harmony.

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